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Steam Account

2010-05-12 22:25:35 by Asterantha

Hey all. :)

I have a Steam Account -- named, unsurprisingly, Asterantha. Feel free to friend me (but send me a message letting me know that you're from Newgrounds first, or I'll probably treat it as spam).

I have, so far, TF2 and L4D2, and I'd love to play with you. If you don't know what the abbreviations stand for, then you likely don't have those games.

Take care, and maybe I'll see you around.


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2010-05-13 01:20:29

what is a steam account?

Asterantha responds:

Steam is a site that allows you to buy video games for a cheap price -- sometimes they're free, sometimes they're under $5. They have great deals.

They also have a program you can download, and it allows you an easy way to connect to the gaming community.
Check it out. It's completely safe, don't worry. :)